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Hydroseeding is the method of embedding seeds onto the raw slope face through slurry which is sprayed from a hydroseeder (mobile slurry mixing tank with pump) which is usually truck mounted. The slurry usually comprises of water, grass seeds, fertilizer and paper mulch.


Hydroseeding malaysia


Turfing malaysia

Traditional method of planting grass which is harvested from our own turf farm. Turfing can be carried out either by the means of “close turfing” (grass plant without gap in between each other) or “spot turfing” (grass plant with gap in between each other).



Erosion control is a method of preventing soil erosion in areas being developed (especially raw slopes) such as construction sites, land development and river banks. Erosion control is significant in order to prevent soil loss, water pollution and landslide.


erosion control malaysia

Supply Quality Grass

Cow grass malaysia

Cow grass (“Axonopus Compressus”) is the most common type of grass used in Malaysia for turfing. Its’ excellent capability of erosion prevention together with high endurance is the perfect for Malaysia climate through drought or rain season.


Erosion Control


Landscaping Malaysia

Master Green Turfing Contractor Sdn. Bhd. also specializes in landscaping for residential and commercial area. We offer high quality landscaping services at affordable price to our clients.


Artificial Grass

Artificial grass malaysia

Artificial Grass has been very demanding in modern homes. Master Green Turfing Contractor got you covered on all synthetic grass solution. We are happy to serve you with our highest quality and lowest costing solution.

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