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Hydroseeding is the method of embedding seeds onto the raw slope face through slurry which is sprayed from a hydroseeder (mobile slurry mixing tank with pump) which is usually truck mounted. The slurry usually comprises of water, grass seeds, fertilizer and paper mulch.


Hydroseeding method is ideal for slopes with little or no access, steep slopes (usually cut slopes over 35 degrees) where normal turfing would be either very difficult or impossible, rocky or gravelly slopes with cracks, crevices and totally devoid of topsoils. In addition, hydroseeding is a very fast and efficient method with 0.5-hectare coverage in an hour of spray.


It is highly recommended for the slope to be protected with biodegradable erosion control blanket after hydroseeding to enhance the highest possibility of the seed germination. Biodegradable erosion control blanket bond directly to the soil surface thus provide excellent prevention of grass seeds from being washed by rainfall, eaten by birds or run off velocity. In addition, biodegradable erosion control blanket also improves soil fertility and moisture retention besides providing protection for young grown grass.

5 Stages of Hydroseeding

1) Raw slope after excavation ready for hydroseeding.

2) Hydroseeding is carried out on the raw slope.

3) Slope is being protected with biodegradable erosion control blanket after Hydroseeding

4) Initial growth stage of Signal Grass after 2-4 weeks of Hydroseeding

5) Slope with fully grown Signal Grass after 6-8 weeks of Hydroseeding.

Types Of Grass Seed

Signal grass (“Brachiaria Decumbens”) is the most common type of grass used in Malaysia for hydroseeding. It forms a dense and high yielding sward which responds very well to additional nitrogen besides being perennial grass with strong stoloniferous root system and long trailing stems which will readily root down from their nodes. Signal grass is highly recommended for slope erosion control and is widely used along most of our Malaysian highways including the North-South Highway.

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Hydroseeding Malaysia

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